Frequently Asked Questions

We found that the questions following is the the following people popular variables first to ask if any control What you think that we have not, xin please email cho we INFO@VIET-MARBLE.COM or above(84) 511 4758 99.
Q: Order the me have been machine phí VAT?
A: not all the we giá have included tax GTGT.
Q: You cung cấp an ensure with the product of your?
A: Yes, we cung cấp warranty one year with all all the work of the we
Q. You cung cấp reduce giá or blocks quality thuong mai?
A: Yes, we do - xin please xem the thuong mai the we of trang web or send email cho we with details of your.
Q: The your system row?
A. we have your system max current row in the Center city
Q: Time we received row?
A normal in 8-12 week (double when, This may be lost Lau more than one chut because) If you would like to one strip the Phiêu in a frame the time shorter, this can be cổ are sorting however will have an added Đặng Kẻ Chợ Lệ Phi Vân move fast.

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